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For Orange City Council -- District 2

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The Plan:

Neighborhoods and Homeless

Elevate the Economy of Orange, draw larger businesses to our community, and increase the per capita median income. This will allow business to grow and higher paying jobs will follow. Again, we are the center of the largest economic market in America:



The Heart of Orange County™

-- SoCal:  Los Angeles, Orange, San Diego & the Inland Empire --

-- 22 Million People, in 8 Million Homes, generate $1.3 Trillion -- every year --

A Government cannot tax its way to Prosperity

California has more people than the 10 western states combined, and is the 5th largest economy in the world.

SoCal -- three counties plus the Inland Empire, hold more than half of California and generate 65% of the revenue in the state.

The mountain of people in SoCal's market is the 3rd largest viable market in a world, where New York would come in at only number 6.

The City of Orange is at the center of this market where:
LA has more people than Arizona, Orange County more than Nevada, and San Diego County, more than Oregon.

-- We generate $1.3 Trillion -- every year --


I will start my Plan
Elevating this Orange Economy,
Restoration of quality to our Neighborhoods.
& Complete Resolution of the Homeless situation.

For this Economy,
We Need to Elevate

For our Neighborhoods,
A Quality Environment

  For the Homeless,
They need a Village




I'm Daniel Correa, and I have
A Plan.

"We are a Country of people, but our Nation is a business."




  Orange is one of the great communities
of America.

Help me help our Community.

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Statistics per the US Census, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, and International Monetary Fund.
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The Paragon Agency



The Heart of Orange County™

Endorsed by:
Old Town Preservation Association
Douglas Westfall -- National Historian
Mark Colín -- Orange Barrio Historic Society
Kathy Moffat -- Orange Unified School District
Nelida Mendoza -- Santa Ana City Councilwoman
Caroline Alatorre -- former City Council Candidate
Leda Albright --  former Santa Ana Police Detective
Gilbert Molina -- former Santa Ana Police Training officer
Hitomi Ploski -- former Los Angeles County Deputy Sheriff
Zeke Hernandez -- Rancho Santiago Community College District
John Minnella -- 1st Vice Commander of the American Legion, D-29 OC